Wizcount is the ERP for the Bulgarian business
Wizcount is a fully integrated management business software offering the integrated modules finance, accounting, fixed assets, sales and marketing, purchase and inventory, production, reports generator, service, CRM. Wizcount operates under Windows with a client/server three-tier architecture, using MS SQL/Oracle database. Wizcount was created over 20 years ago and develops into a system, which only aims at satisfying even the most specific needs of the commercial and logistics business, yet preserving its flexibility and integration philosophy as a standard international business software. Wizcount is an international system sold throughout the whole world under different trademarks, which is fully adapted to the needs of the Bulgarian business and implemented in a number of customers. The wizcount system offers the best priced total cost of ownership in the Bulgarian market, which comprises of the license cost, the implementation and the database cost, with a guarantee for a successful implementation and no additional costs.

Wizcount has the possibility of unlimited number of companies, currencies, languages and users, which does not add to the price and has a secured backup of the database.

The main advantages of Wizcount are: accounting according to the Bulgarian and international standards; fully integrated commercial and warehouse functionalities; online as well as offline work of the remote offices; quick and easy currency revaluation; cost centers - budgeting - forecast; production costing; flexible and detailed definition of price lists; unique reports generator, together with the already existing 150 standard reports; service module; CRM; implementation of the packaged solution in 2 months;   

The system offers to all its users functional advantages, as well as technical ones, by using SQL/ Oracle technologies, performant database management systems, highly scalable and adaptable to the requirements of various users categories.

The most competitive ERP system on the market

WizPro is a fully integrated business software solution of class ERP (Enterprise resource planning). The software has the business modules Finance, Accounting, Purchase, Marketing and Sales, Inventory management, Project management, Service and maintenance, Production management, Office management, Management reporting, System administration; 

WizPro is aiming to satisfy the business needs of production companies. The difference from the Wizcount solution is the MRP functionality of the software allowing heavy production companies to plan their material and money resources automatically by giving advice to management.

The elegant solution for managing leasing businesses

WizLeasing is an elaborate software for leasing business management. It encorporates all Bulgarian business practices in the field as well as the BASEL II requirements. The system can interface with different business databases.

WizLeasing is integrated with the core product Wizcount. The leasing software operates with Oracle database.

Mobile solution for automatization and full control of any sales type

WizTop is the high class software solution for sales automation management. The system represents a software package developed by an international high tech vendor  (Retalix Group), complemented with palm devices supported by operation system Windows CE 3.0/Pocket PC. It is fully integrated with the core product Wizcount. It operates with Oracle database.

WizTop manages and supports all activities in relation to the sales and distribution. 

Integated system for time management
WizTime is a total integrated solution for time management. The system can communicate with different databases to collect and allocate data. It is fully integrated with the core product Wizcount. It operates with Oracle database.
WizTime can be used by a wide range and different types of terminals for collecting the raw data and is easy to reconfigure for export of the important data to the payroll systems.

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